Domination Style

The more committed you are, the more intense your submission will be.
Committed and devoted subs know they will never find a feeling so good as submitting to Me feels. 


Elite foot Goddess, financial domination, foot worship, humiliation, CEI, SPH, ass worship, coercion, poppers, chastity, cuckolding, Goddess worship, verbal humiliation.


your goddess

Better than you in every way...

Spoiled, educated, and gorgeous. I am rich and
smart - a deadly combination for you. Along with an elite upbringing, I have a graduate degree from one of the top 10 universities in the world. I have always been the most popular and beautiful girl no matter where I went. And losers like you have never even been on My radar. I take whatever I want in life and easily manipulate weak-minded, pathetic losers like you into giving Me anything. Teasing and dominating  comes so naturally to Me.

I love taking stupid beta males and hitting where it hurts the most - in their wallets. Then they are My slaves forever. Watching the pain wash over their faces is incredible! The psychological pain in the mind and the wallet... It lasts forever. Taking every last hard-earned dime from My loser addicts is absolutely thrilling. I rob them of all dignity and self respect as I blow through their accounts and assets. Even the wealthiest eventually fall to their knees and feel the pain of My insatiable greed. Once they feel the addiction set in, there's no going back to a vanilla life. I own beta minds, bodies, and wallets.

Tributes & Gifts
  1. Tribute first. I do not answer messages, emails, etc without initial tribute.

    • Tribute Me here.

    • Send Me a cash via an electronic gift card here.

    • Send Me a gift here. (note: you will receive My response once I have the gift in hand)

  2. I expect My fans and slaves to sacrifice their own desires and shower Me with gifts and cash.

  3. The best way to be a devoted slave, make Me happy, and stay relevant in My life is to do things that make My life easier. This includes sending regularly scheduled tributes or taking over a monthly bill (several would be preferred).

  4. Working to make My life easier and sending Me gifts does not limit you to sexy lingerie, high heels, or tight dresses. This is about ME, not you! It's slaves that put in the effort to make sure the everyday things are covered that make the most impact in My life... 

  5. Remember, it's all about Me and making Me happy. Ask yourself, "how can I make Goddess' life easier today?"


I am an entitled findom Goddess. No, I will not interact with you just for fun or give you a second of My time because you agree to let me take pictures of you or record you. Do you really think you’re that hot of a commodity? Please... nobody wants you! Free is not fun for Me and therefore, pointless. Every slave that has contact with Me paid for My precious time. You will not be the exception.