The rules on how to approach 

  1. Tribute first. I do not answer messages, emails, etc without initial tribute.

    • Tribute Me here.

    • Send Me cash via an electronic gift card here.

    • Send Me a gift here. (note: you will receive My response once I have the gift in hand)

      • Tributes are NOT payment. Tributes are a sign of respect and gratitude. ​

  2. Purchasing gifts off of My wish list are never considered payment. They are well deserved gifts given in appreciation of My perfection.

  3. Love to spoil me with gifts? What a good little piggy! Don't expect a treat for shopping sprees or gifts until I have received My items in hand. It’s common sense!

  4. If you have a skill you would like to tribute, great. However, being My worker pig does not buy you time with Me.

  5. All cam sessions must be paid for with MONEY. My time is precious and there are plenty of slaves paying for it. Slaves that go above and beyond by dedicating both work and funds are properly rewarded.

  6. Want to be My slave? Apply here:

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